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The CIIP program

What is a Certified Integrated Intimacy Professional™ (CIIP)?

When a person gathers up the courage to find a therapist, they expect them to be comprehensively trained in all the different areas where they might need help. In 'therapy-speak' this means that they are trained in individual, relationship, sex therapy, and spiritual intimacy, and yet most are not. Nor are therapists expected to take a course to help them see their sexual biases, know how to work with people who are erotically oppressed or ill in our society. There are less than 5% of therapists in the country with training in all of these areas.


A CIIP is a licensed mental health professional with advanced training in ALL of these areas. Each of NWIOI’s CIIP therapists have completed years of advanced training, because they understand that life’s challenges affect all areas of life.


Many of our therapists who have trained with the Northwest Institute on Intimacy are also equipped to facilitate the Passion for Life Couples Intimacy Retreats™.

These four-day retreats revolutionize and revitalize even the most tired of relationships.

NWIOI’s CIIP community are an elite group of holistically trained professionals equipped to deal with the most complex issues facing today’s individuals and relationships.


How to become a CIIP

Apply or renew through this online application

Criteria for CIIP membership

You may apply to be an Associate CIIP, receive referrals, discounts on courses, web listing, free trainings, free marketing, free repeat courses, etc. when you meet this criteria:


  1. You have a minimum of 16 hours of relationship/couple/family therapy training

  2. At minimum: You are a student member of AASECT and are under supervision to become AASECT certified

  3. Unless already certified, you are attending supervision a minimum of one hour a month with an AASECT supervisor

  4. You have taken a minimum of 3hrs of Medical Collaboration training (online or in class)

  5. You have taken a minimum of one course in Tantra, 4-D Wheel, or Hebrew Mystic Sexuality (online or in person)

  6. You have taken one two hour online (or similar) training on justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion as a sexuality professional.

  7. You have taken or are planning to take within the next 12 months the S.A.R.

  8. Licenses in good standing


  1. Deepen your learning in the above areas

  2. Earn your certification from AASECT

  3. Keep all licenses in good standing


  1. Deepen your learning in the above areas

  2. Earn your certification as a Supervisor from AASECT

  3. Keep all licenses in good standing

Questions? Contact us.

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