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Who we are



The Institute was created to meet a need generated by a significant deficit in the training of psychotherapists, physicians and clergy. Most providers have little to no training in sexual health. Yet sexuality is core to intimacy. In addition, sex therapists have little to no training in couple’s therapy. Yet relational dynamics effect the sexual relationship. This deficit left the public seeing uninformed providers.


The goal of the Northwest Institute on Intimacy is to make it standard of care that all people seeking psychotherapy can expect to see someone with expert training and supervision in individual, couple, sex and spiritual intimacy therapy. We believe that no matter what issue a client is presenting, whether relational, sexual, historical, circumstantial, intrapersonal or other, the therapist needs to be adept at assessment, diagnosis and treatment without a lack of training or self-of-the-therapist issue interfering with their care.

Our mission

Educate various clinicians and other educators on how to share the value of diverse expressions of healthy sexuality by providing world-class courses, supervision, and tools.


Provide the public with access to impactful resources on healthy sexuality.


Get to Know Us

Meet Our Board of Directors & Our Educators

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