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Core Competencies in Medical Collaboration

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What is the #1 reason a doc won't refer to a therapist? What is the #1 reason a doc will refer over and over? This course gives all the answers! Taught by Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD, LMFT, CSTS, this 3-hr CE webinar will familiarize you with techniques to assess and intervene with psychosexual problems experienced by individuals and couples around general health and sexual health issues specifically and when to involve an attending physician. You will also become familiar with the operating constructs of medical culture and critical elements involved in a successful collaborative relationship with a medical provider. This 3-hour online course will emphasize a medical perspective using the biopsychosocial-spiritual-sexual model of health and illness. Topics covered include: * * The #1 reason providers hate to refer to psychotherapists * * The #1 task you can do to guarantee you will get return referrals from medical providers * * Why doctors are often directive about their patients and how to understand their perspective and pressures * * When to call a medical provider about a client and why * * How and when to talk to a medical provider * * How and when to craft a note to a medical provider Dr. Sellers held a clinical appointment in family medicine for 17 years and was the Director of Medical Family Therapy at a graduate school. In addition to publishing the first article examining collaborative and integrated care in the treatment of cancer.

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