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Advanced Clinical Sexology Course (69CEUs)

This course fills in all the holes left from a graduate education that ignored the need for a solid basic education in clinical sexology for the health provider. Our clients/patients come to us expecting that we know these basics and assume we've been trained - but the vast majority of us have not. We, like them, not only did not receive comprehensive sex education when we grew up, but our graduate education, at best provided us with one or two very limited courses in sexuality.  


This course, in 6 days, (69 CEU hours), will cover the most critical topics, taught to you by experts in medicine - uro-gynecology, urology, pelvic floor physical therapy, clinical sexology, sex therapy, sex education, neuro-diversity, diversity and inclusion, transgender medicine, marriage and family therapy, medical family therapy, and the kink community just to name a few. 


This course will leave you equipped and confident to work with people with all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of concerns, and seeking all kinds of guidance. It will also equip you to collaborate with other medical providers who might be working with your client/patient in a way that is truly supportive of them.  


For those working toward AASECT certification, this course, when combined with what was already accomplished in previous academic studies, often gets a person 80-95% of the way completed with their educational requirements for certification. It depends on what type of masters or PhD they completed. 


Primary AASECT supervisors at NWIOI are happy to sit down with candidates to go over their previous transcripts to let them know what else they might need to do to complete requirements during the 18 months they are doing their AASECT supervision. 


This course makes this program through NWIOI the highest quality, most succinct and cost-effective clinical sexology program in the country. 


It is the only one that does not require you to pay for CEUs or courses that you previously covered (which the 150 hours certification programs do), and it does not take a year or two to complete. It is focused on getting you exactly what you have NOT studied before, and helps you combine this, with what you have already done, to make you the best clinician you can be as quickly as possible!  Why?  Because your clients/patients are waiting - and deserve the best care possible!   


A discounted field growth scholarship rate is available to people who hold a marginalized identity in the fields of sex therapy, education and/or counseling, and may have financial need.  

Contact us if you have any questions:

Completion of this course or program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact

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