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The Top 5%

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Do you know what separates therapists like Esther Perel from typical relationally trained psychotherapists?

She is comprehensively trained to include intimacy and sexual health.

Only 5% of therapists and healthcare professionals are comprehensively trained in human sexuality– even though ALL humans are bio-psycho-social-sexual-spiritual in how they are wired and experience life and relationships. 


Research shows clients and patients PREFER practitioners who are TRAINED in all these areas – especially today as life is more complex and we live in a ‘sexually out’ culture. Naïve and biased therapists and medical providers frustrate their patients and cause them to seek care elsewhere. 

NWIOI is NOW accepting Applications for their 2024 Sex Therapy Cohort at a 30% discount! 

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Is there a way to develop a thriving clinical practice that includes sexual health, treating sexual concerns, and serving the sexually marginalized?

Are you wondering...

Is there a cost-effective and time-efficient way to obtain this training without spending time and money I don’t have?

Can I apply this training toward AASECT certification?

Can I get AASECT supervision that ALSO applies toward state licensure, and by someone who is AAMFT Approved?

Is there someone who will provide guidance toward AASECT certification and mentorship as I launch my career and figure out my niche?

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YES, YES, and YES!!!

The Top 5% is a 12-month program assisting you in applying for AASECT Certification as a Sex Therapist (for psychotherapists) or Sex Counselor (for medical providers or clergy).

In the first nine months, The Top 5% will set you up to most of the way through ALL of the AASECT educational requirements to become certified. Your supervisor will sit with you and help you assess what you have already completed combining your behavioral health or medical degree, with what you will study with NWIOI. There may be some additional courses that you need to take, we will do our best utilizing our robust course catalog to get you FREE NWIOI courses to cover the gaps. 

In the remaining months you will be individually guided through your mentoring hours on how to add the remaining educational requirements to suit your individual needs and how to apply for certification. We do not require you to study and pay for material you have already studied in a previous graduate or post-graduate program.

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What sets The Top 5% apart from all the other programs?

  • People who have trained with NWIOI for the past nine years have gone on to have full practices within six months of completion. Many of those have cash practices, some of them charging $250/hr. Many are now running clinics with several therapists working for them. They are in high demand!

  • The cost of this training WHICH INCLUDES 20hrs of SUPERVISION (valued at $5,000) is less than most of the other programs in the country that DO NOT INCLUDE supervision.

  • We are the only AASECT CE provider in the country that creates a succinct program (1 key Advanced Clinical Sexology course, plus supervision, and business mentoring) and does NOT make you pay for training you already received in graduate school that can be applied toward your AASECT certification.

  • We want our training to be accessible, and ideally would like to see ALL CLINICIANS receive this training. Because of this, we discount our training 30% for everyone.  We ALSO offer a further FIELD GROWTH SCHOLARSHIP to anyone who is from a marginalized community not well represented in the sexual health therapy or education community who has financial need. All they need to do is click the link below for approval (prior to completing the Top 5% Application): FIELD GROWTH SCHOLARSHIP


  • We provide personalized career mentorship and coaching to each of our students.  Why? Because we are invested in seeing you succeed and fulfill your dreams.


  • We have some of the leading sexual medicine physicians, clinicians, and educators teach in our courses, and bring a diversity of voices and perspectives into our training.


  • This 12-month training will pay for itself IN FULL with less than one new sustained weekly client. You will likely get more as you begin supervision and training! (based on $125hr)


  • You will become part of an incredible nationally recognized community of professionals and colleagues. Some of our past students have presented with faculty at national conferences.


  • Courses & Supervision are all done virtually!

Why wait? Make this the year you join the Top 5%!

Make your dreams a reality!

In 12 short months, you will have...


Advanced Clinical Sexology Course  First two weekends in Nov (Fr-Su) 69CEU valued $3450


3 hours of business coaching and mentoring that can be scheduled and spread across 12-18 months from the date of the beginning of your program.

Valued at $900

A total value of $9,350


20 hours of Individual Supervision

Valued at $5000

Ouch, that's a lot of money! More like the other programs once you add on their supervision. Next add on flights, travel, room and board every month! Who can afford that??!!

We offer YOU 30% OFF and INCLUDE YOUR PRIMARY SUPERVISION! A savings of $2805.00!!!

You only pay $545 per month for 12 months - far less than 1 new client pays for your training and catapults your career!

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Apply now - enrollment is limited

  • Officially begins April 1, 2024

  • Supervision can begin April

  • First course is in November, 2024

*Application deadline April 1st 2024, or when the class is full.

*A la carte - Courses and supervision can be registered for independently.

What people say about NWIOI courses

"The trainers and instructors were fantastic, as were the small groups and small group leaders."

— Greg Kilpatrick, MS, LMFT

What people say about supervision with Dr. Tina

"Dr. Sellers offers both clinical wisdom into sexual issues as well as a deep calling out of the strongest parts o you as a clinician. My work with her holistically helped me step up into a new level of confidence as she guided and supported m clinical ability. With Dr. Tina, you get a passionate, invested human and supervisor and someone that you will have no doubt is invested in your development and success. She’s a true gem and I highly recommend working with her."

— Jamie Abenroth, M.S., LMHC, CST - Owner of Jamie Abenroth Therapy
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