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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Relationship at Our Couples Intimacy Retreat

Is your relationship everything you've envisioned? Within each of us, a profound desire for intimacy and pleasure is hardwired. The strongest bonds in marriage flourish when couples feel deeply loved, secure, and connected. Marriage becomes its most joyful when partners share moments of fun and pleasure, nurturing their love throughout life's seasons—the embodiment of our wedding vows.

This transformative 3.5-day retreat is tailored for couples seeking to enrich their emotional, sexual, and spiritual connection, realizing that intimacy holds a deeper potential than commonly understood.

During this revolutionary retreat, you'll:

  • Uncover and challenge cultural notions and behaviors that may have limited your understanding of intimacy and sacred erotic expression.

  • Receive guidance on touch, sensual expression, and intimacy rituals to deepen your emotional and erotic connection.

  • Collaboratively design an intimate relationship that is sensual, purposeful, deeply connected, and filled with mutual pleasure.

  • Explore mystical perspectives that reveal a profound and spiritual framework for loving communion.

     Reignite the flames of intimacy and pleasure in your relationship. Join us         at our Couples Intimacy Retreat and embark on a journey toward deeper         connection and blissful union.

Passion for Life:
A couples intimacy retreat

Seattle 2024 retreat dates are here!

The Seattle Couple's Intimacy Valentine's Retreat
at the Shaefer - Baillie Mansion is confirmed!

Feb 1 - 4, 2024 
Limited availability!

$2195 + room


Email if you have questions.

Waitlisted people will be offered spots first.

Do not hesitate - spots will go quickly!  

(spots are not secured until you have both registered and paid)

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What people say

"We now look at intimacy and our sexual expression as a couple through a sex positive framework of beauty and togetherness, and celebrate each other instead of feeling shame, confusion or anxiety."

— Melanie
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