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Mastering the art and science of pleasure.

AASECT Approved CE & Supervision Provider

Get solid clinical sexology training.

Classes for all types of healthcare providers

  • Learn from leading sexual medicine and psychosocial providers

  • Develop a comprehensive
    sexuality skillset

  • Progress quickly toward
    AASECT certification

  • Award winning AASECT supervision

  • Become a High-Demand Therapist

“The process of becoming AASECT certified is made straight-forward and accessible, and if certification isn't the end goal then therapists still learn a great deal about sexuality & intimacy that they can begin immediately to bring it effectively into their work with clients. Though you would never guess this from the caliber of the experience you receive, the cost of certification through NWIOI is vastly less than costly similar programs”

Justin Pere, MA, LMFT, CGT, CIIP

Find providers highly skilled in sexual health.

You deserve a therapist that is unbiased, experienced, socially just & holistically trained

  • NWIOI's Certified Integrated Intimacy Professionals™ are inclusive therapists and physicians
  • Each with an extensive breadth of training and experience
  • Together, create the life you most desire

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Want to be a part of our team? 

We list and refer to only the leading therapists in the Pacific Northwest

  • ALL are trained in advanced clinical sexology - many are AASECT Certified
  • ALL are trained in relational systems - couple, family, open systems
  • ALL are trained in healing sexual shame and building spiritual intimacy
  • ALL are LGBTQI+ activists & kink advocates
  • ALL are trained in medical collaboration and treating sexual dysfunction
  • ALL are trained in providing care through the lens of justice, equity, and inclusion

“When asked by other therapists what the most common sexual problem I hear from patients - my answer is simple, that either their past therapist never asked them questions about their sexuality or their therapist made a judgement about their sexuality. A big part of my job is spent undoing the damage caused by the ignorance or biases of therapists who aren't properly trained in sex therapy. My goal, to remind every person seeking to understand their sexuality that their sexuality is an inherently valuable part of who they are, and deserves a voice.”

Sean Orpen, MS, LMFT


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