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Get AASECT certified

The most cost-effective and efficient sex therapy program in the nation.

Did you know you DO NOT have to do a 150 hour sex therapy training program to become AASECT certified? NWIOI provides this advanced training in a succinct and streamlined way for local and distant therapists. You can apply hours from your graduate training toward the 17 topic areas, and we help guide you through the process to be as efficient as possible.

We have two short intensive courses that are specifically designed to meet AASECT educational requirements not typically covered in behavioral health or medical graduate training. When you take our two five-day intensive courses, you will get anywhere from 85-95% through all of your AASECT educational requirements. The spread depends on your particular graduate training. 

Over the next 18 months, while you are completing your supervision, we help you get that last 5-15% completed. No need to waste a year and another $2,000 – $5,000 required by other programs. This allows you to bring your new comprehensive training quickly to people seeking a highly qualified therapist! 

How to get certified

AASECT-certified therapists and counselors are in high demand!

When you are comprehensively trained in individual, relationship AND sex therapy, you will find that not only are you more confident as a clinician, but that you are in high demand. To become certified is about a two year process. You may begin educational courses BEFORE posting a graduate degree, which is why your graduate training can count toward your AASECT educational requirements.


You cannot begin AASECT supervision however, until you post your degree and have been granted your first associate license (whatever that is called in your state).


We recommend that you contact our assistant to have her go over the AASECT educational grid if you have not yet graduated, so she can explain the two courses and the process to you (


If you have your graduate degree, we recommend that you decide on one of our AASECT supervisors, who will begin to guide you through the educational process, explain it all to you, and start you in supervision. This way you can do them both concurrently. The S.A.R. course (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) is in late June and the Advanced Clinical Sexology Course is in early November, each year. Both have book(s) to read prior. The Advanced Course is a semester course in 5 days - so there is a lot of preparatory work before, and some work following. Your AASECT supervisor will act as your primary supervisor and will be with you all of the way. They will guide you how to fill in any educational gaps in your training with the myriad of online courses and/or with workshops at an AASECT conference. They will also guide you as you prepare your certification packet to apply for certification when you have completed all of your requirements. 

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