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Top 5% Program (Payment Plan Offered/$545 a month)

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In the first nine months The Top 5 Percent will set you up to be most of the way through all of the AASECT educational requirements to become certified as a sex therapist or counselor. Depending on your graduate school training, there may be some additional courses that you need to take, we will do our best utilizing our robust course catalog to get you FREE NWIOI courses to cover the gaps. We designed our program to fill in most of the areas many graduate schools do not cover for AASECT certification. In 12 months, you will have completed our Advanced Clinical Sexology Course (1st two weekends in November) & participated in 20 hours of individual supervision. In addition, we offer 1.5 hour monthly business coaching groups as we know many clinicians are seeking ways to enhance their practice. Total Value $9350.00 This, however, is offered to our cohort at a 30% discount (a savings of $2805) and spread across 12 monthly payments of $545. Prior to enrolling, we ask that you schedule a 15-30 minute consult to ensure all your questions and concerns are discussed. This is a huge commitment, and we want you to feel great about your decision to join NWIOI. E-mail us at to schedule your consult. After the consult, or if you know you are committed, please fill out the following application form: Lastly, once you're ready, you can enroll in the course below.

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Top 5 Program, $545.00/month


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